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Private Ride Share Groups

Groups on are private areas for carpoolers to find each other. Your employer, school, church, or some other organization, may have created a private group for its members. By joining a group on you can post your commute so that it is not visible to anybody except other members of that group. Also, when searching for matching commutes, you can limit the results to only those people who are in your group(s).

Pricing For Private Groups

Pricing for private groups is based on the number of users in your organization. If you are a school, this would be the number of students; for a workplace, the number of employees, etc.

Group Size $/month $/year
1 - 25 FREE! FREE!
25 - 250 $19 $190
250 - 500 $49 $490
500 - 1000 $69 $690
1000 - 5000 $89 $890

If your group is larger than 5000 people, please contact us for pricing.

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