Ride4all is a carpool/ride-share platform, operating since 2008.

Once upon a time, while sitting in traffic, as so many of us have done many times, Patrick thought "This is insane! There has to be a better way!"

Out of that frustration, ride4all was created. Patrick and friends built ride4all and launched it on the web.

Certainly, the idea of using the web to help people connect in order to share rides is not new, but hopefully ride4all will bring something compelling & new to the table.

After launching, we discovered/realized that ride4all might be of particular interest to schools who want to encourage carpooling. We've been successfully facilitating school ride-share programs for over 10 years.

ride4all is supported and run by Patrick & Brendon.

Patrick has over 30 years experience with tech startups, including bringing the internet to Guam, creating SAAS solutions for non-profit/advocacy organizations, and building online tools for cleantech companies to connect with investors.

For the last two decades, Brendon has led marketing teams in a range of industries including education, professional services, grocery delivery, events promotion, international tourism and real estate. He holds a master's degree in business history from Kyoto University, and dreams of a world in which people outnumber cars 10 to 1.

Both Patrick & Brendon enjoy riding their bicycles. :)